Adult Acne

Face2Face has an almost guaranteed way of controlling adult acne. Over many years of research into this condition we recommend a treatment and home care programme which has been successful in almost 100% of adult acne cases we have treated.


Treatment:Glycolic Peel & Microdermabrasion
When:10 - 14 day intervals
Time:Approx. 35 mins
Home Care:Jan Marini Skin Research Bio-glycolic Range
Cost per Treatment:£56
Cost of Products:£84 (for two products lasting approx. 6-8 weeks)
Cost of Course:£302 (6 treatments)

We anticipate a change in the condition by treatment 4-5 and with 4-6week maintenance skin may be kept clear of this condition indefinitely once a course of treatments is completed.

We insist on a consultation and cannot guarantee results if this programme is not strictly adhered to. Underlying hormonal conditions such as Ovarian Cysts, Menopause or Peri-Menopause will be taken into account when predicting the outcome of these treatments.

Regrettably we do not treat teenagers under 18.

Adult Acne Facts

When the surface of the skin is changed either by chemical intervention (hormones) or sun (thickening of the epidermis to protect against its rays) the bacteria will 'migrate' down a hair follicle or sebum gland. The inflammation caused as a result of the digestive process of the bacteria will accelerate the acne condition! In addition...

  1. The outer layer of the skin becomes flaky and dry (often made worse by the use of drying agents containing alcohol or peroxide)
  2. The flakes of skin congest the surface of the skin and fall into the already over burdened sebum duct.
  3. The body's defence mechanism produces puss to eject the skin cells. There is no exit for the puss as the skin is so congested at the surface.
  4. A large hard lump will at times be felt and will stay there for prolonged periods. Sometimes if sufficient pressure is built up under the skin, it will erupt into a surface pustule.
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