Permanent Hair Removal


Cost per Treatment:from £45 (eg Upper Lip)

Courses of 6 or more will attract a 10% discount. Please enquire at consultation

What is IPL?

'Intense Pulsed Light' works in a very similar way to Laser light. The important difference is that IPL is much gentler and is therefore less likely to damage the surrounding skin whilst treatment takes place. The primary principle is that the energy in the form of light waves is delivered in 'pulses' which enable the skin to dissipate heat yet still deliver enough power to perform the task.

How does it work?

The concentrated light waves are applied to the area to be treated. In the case of hair removal the light is attracted or absorbed by, the pigment in the hair both above and beneath the surface of the skin.

At a certain point in the growth cycle of the hair (Anagen) the hair follicle is still attached to the root or 'bulb', and the heat from the IPL will travel through the hair and destroy this. At that point, the hair will not be replaced as the reproductive capacity has been destroyed. (see diagram page below)

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments varies dramatically dependent on the area, age and ethnicity of the individual. A rough guide would be that 6-8 treatments would be average. However there are factors such as hormonal activity or genetic pre- disposition, which may affect this. NB. Polycystic Ovarian disorders will seriously affect the success of this treatment.

More than one treatment will always be necessary as not all the hair follicles will be at the same stage of growth cycle for optimum treatment.

Is is painful?

Most patients report the sensation as 'similar to being flicked with and elastic band' The sensation will increase when working on the significantly more sensitive areas of the face, for instance upper lip.

How do I prepare for a treatment/consultation

For your consultation and all treatments you must refrain from using any form of depilation for at least two weeks before your appointment. This will help us asses the number of treatments needed as well as check for progress during subsequent sessions.

For all treatments it is essential that you avoid the use of :

What are the after effects?

You may experience a slight reddening of the skin and some swelling. This will disappear within 15 -30 hours of the treatment. The skin will feel slightly 'tight' for one or two days afterwards.

Can anyone have IPL treatment?

The majority of patients are suited ideally to this treatment. However there are certain important exceptions. The major contra-indications are:

This treatment will not work on hair without pigment or Grey Hair! It will work on blonde hair!

A detailed medical history will be taken during your consultation in order to decide your suitability.

Can all areas be treated?

Just about any area on the face and body can be treated with IPL with the exception of the eyebrow (brow bone) and directly onto the lips.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?

The hair follicles, which have been destroyed, will not produce any further hair. However, during our natural ageing and development, dormant hair follicles may produce hair at a later stage.

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